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Hill, Andrea

Hit the Gym: Getting Your Marketing and Sales Into Shape for the Holiday Season (Journal Article)

MJSA Journal, (October) , 2016.

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Hill, Andrea

Roll Back the Clock: Reallocating Your Time to Improve Efficiency and Productivity (Journal Article)

MJSA Journal, (April) , pp. 14-15, 2016.

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Hill, Andrea

Go the Limit: Don't Let Setting Low Goals Become a Self-fulfilling Prophecy (Journal Article)

MJSA Journal, (August) , pp. 23-25, 2015.

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Hill, Andrea

What’s Your Merchandise Point of View?: Differentiate Your Brand and Attract More Business (Journal Article)

Retailing Insight Magazine, (August) , 2014.

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Hill, Andrea

Holiday Countdown: Tips to help you stay in control this holiday season (Journal Article)

MJSA Journal, (October), pp. 18–19, 2014.

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Hill, Andrea

Super Sellers: Look outside the industry for marketing inspiration (Journal Article)

MJSA Journal, (June), pp. 18–19, 2012.

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Hill, Andrea

Penny Wise and Pound Foolish: spending marketing dollars wisely (Journal Article)

MJSA Journal, (May), pp. 20–21, 2012.

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Hill, Andrea

Social Media: Wasting time, or time to commit? (Journal Article)

MJSA Journal, (September), pp. 20–21, 2012.

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Hill, Andrea

Against the Grain: Investing in Growth is the Key to Surviving the Recession (Journal Article)

MJSA Journal, pp. 26–27, 2010.

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Hill, Andrea

Choice Words: Sending the right message in the current economy (Journal Article)

MJSA Journal, (March), pp. 30–31, 2009.

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Hill, Andrea

Customer-Centric Communication (Journal Article)

multichannel merchant, 2008.

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