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Kaizen Events - Solve Waste

Creating a Kaizen Event for Your Shop

A 1-Day Kaizen Event to Amp Up Efficiency & Quality

“Kaizen” is a term used in “Lean Manufacturing”, meaning to continuously improve. A Kaizen Event is a small event, usually taking between a few hours to a few days, in which a team works together to eliminate waste and make rapid, meaningful improvements to your shop. These hyper-efficient events allow you to reenergize your shop environment, reduce costs, and improve quality results.

The Kaizen Event Specifically for Jewelers

In this session Andrea will provide you with a template for a Jewelry Shop Kaizen Event. You will learn what happens during the event and the exact steps to take to make significant improvements in your workflow and quality. You can learn about Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen Events in a lot of places, but very few business experts have deep personal experience with applying Lean Manufacturing in a jewelry manufacturing environment. Andrea Hill does, and she loves to bring this information to you so you can benefit from it too.