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SEO 101 for Busy Business Owners

Most discussions of SEO turn into geek speak. But business owners must understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Andrea Hill demystifies SEO. This session will teach business owners where their priorities should be. They will learn why on-page SEO optimization should come before paid traffic. And they will understand how Google’s latest methods affect them. This webinar will give every business owner greater understanding of SEO — whether they are managing a website or just want to better understand what their marketing team is up to.

Big Business Brand, Small Business Budget

Andrea teaches attendees how to take their identity and develop core values, messaging and visual elements that are at the heart of any strong brand. She conveys with humor and pragmatism how to attach each of those elements to everything from advertising to operations.

30 (60) Retail Tips in 30 (60) Minutes

Constantly updated as retail practices and opportunities evolve, this session is  a fast-paced, fun experience for attendees, as Andrea Hill zips through a retail-tip-a-minute.

Hiring to Win

Part 'how-to-hire' instruction, part stories-to-learn-from, and all entertainment. This talk will energize the audience to approach hiring in a whole new way

Get Organized and Stay That Way

This presentation shares a very simple, very straightforward approach to organization that you can learn quickly and implement immediately.

Master the Selling Cycle

maintain customers. In this session, Andrea Hill teaches the selling cycle. Using specific examples, fun anecdotes and stories, Andrea Hill shows business owners how to improve their business performance by attending to the entire selling cycle.

Let’s Get Real About Social Media Strategy

This presentation will help attendees better understand the true potential of social media, which will help them set better expectations, analyze and prepare budgets, manage staff involved in social media activities, and facilitate better strategies for their business.

Successful Selling: Become the Salesperson You Want to Be

This presentation involves interaction with the audience, as Andrea Hill leads them through a self-assessment to help each participant understand where they are on the Success Orientation grid. Then, Andrea teaches the group what is involved in being a successful salesperson, and how to get from where they are now to where they need to  be.

Graphic Design for Non-Designers

In this session, Andrea gives a very engaging overview of what design is, how it works, and why we need it. She then takes those big concepts and applies them directly to different aspects of a business, from the design of interiors to the design of websites.

Customer Psychology 101

Join Andrea Hill for this romp through customer types and behaviors that will have you laughing out loud and shaking your head with recognition. After this presentation, you'll be far more equipped to make the most of each customer interaction, saving you time and money now, and yielding more closes and satisfaction in the long run.